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HINTL Group’s core business philosophy doesn’t only limit on business but also for community involvement and environmentally green activeness.

As an affirmation of its corporate responsibility, the group involves its services and is the major service provider and sponsor for STEP, an NGO organization for social justice and prosperity of migrant workers and needy peoples.
Through initiatives like STEP, the group hopes to bring relief to those families whose main source of income is nil and are migrant with no identity.

We believe on to provide equal opportunities and are monitoring on talented individuals which we feels would be gem for us by providing them trainings, supports etc. We are proud on being donators in various schools, child care centre etc. and believe that our help on this would make a difference.

Our belief is to adopt greener business and make the world environmentally active and good for everyone. We believe on to make the world green and healthy to everyone. We follow on the motto 'We care for environment.'

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Hintl group
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